Technical Consultancy & Maintenance Services

We recognize the importance of using professional teams for the installation, testing and commissioning of the equipment of projects.

We offer tailored services and maintenance agreement contracts to provide you with the necessary know-how to get your systems on-line and in operating condition as quickly as possible.


  • At six or twelve month intervals, our consultant checks that your spare parts stock is up to date
  • A preventive maintenance inspection is carried out on each system
  • The maintenance and operation of mechanical, hydraulic and electric equipment is checked
  • Any necessary trouble shooting and minor repairs are carried out
  • A fully detailed report is provided after each visit with necessary recommendations


  • Once or twice a year you will have an exact picture of your equipment
  • Our consultant assists you in planning any major maintenance and overhauls
  • Your spare parts stock permanently covers emergencies e.g. replacement of any required part.
  • Possibility of upgrading your existing installation.