About Us

Sattar Kala operations include three main divisions: Polymers & Plastics, Food Technology and Chemicals.

Our Vision, Values, Mission and Operating Principles have been developed to provide us with focus in regards to our business strategies, and to guide us through the challenges and opportunities that come with global expansion and rapidly changing markets. Flexibility is one of the main characteristics of Sattar Kala’s business strategies, which in turn creates a can do environment that overcome complicated situations and assist all involved to find suitable solutions in order to progress the business at hand.

We consider our customers as partners and friends, and consider their needs as paramount; therefore, we always strive to maintain and improve our business relationships through sincerity, and we push to provide for their needs through extreme efficiency within our organisation.

At Sattar Kala we have five principles our staff aim to maintain which we refer to the 5P’s:

  • Provide personal service in order to build confidence and reassurance

  • Provide technical support to source know-how and improve the productivity

  • Provide resource support to reduce the customer's financial burden

  • Provide service level to improve quality and service provision.

  • Provide risk reduction to lower uncertainty in the customer's mind regarding the suppliers and the products/ services provided.

Sattar Kala is your complete partner in the market of Iran.