Citrus processing line

  • Citrus Juice concentration line

  • Citrus juice and sacs in can

  • Citrus fresh Juice packing line (NFC)

  • Citrus Juicer machines

  • Featuring simplicity of design , high juice quality ,sanitary control

  • Syncronized filling processed juice with sacs in cans

  • Citrus juice extraction pasteurization and hold in aseptic tanks

  • Freshly squeezed orange juice for hotels,restaurants,coffee shops

Fruits processing line

  • Fruit clear juice concentrate line

  • Fruit Puree line

  • Tropical fruits concentrate line

  • Taste evaporator

  • Featuring depektinization ,ultrafiltering ,essence recovery system

  • From single machine to complete processing lines we enhance value and capture quality,nutrition and taste.

  • For mango, banana , pineapple juice

  • Thermally accelerated short time evaporation ,high efficiency , designed specially for the fruits sensitive to heat Freshly squeezed orange juice for hotels,restaurants,coffee shops

Tomato processing line

  • Tomato paste line

  • Diced tomato line

  • Tomato Peeling Systems

  • Hot and cold break , low temperatures in all effects, high circulating speed makes superior tomato paste quality

  • After peeling , tomatoes will be sorted again and goes for processing as whole or cut in smile sizes for fill in cans then be closed and sterilized.

  • High peeling efficiency , excellent quality , high capacity ,energy saving low maintenance cost.

Tuna processing and filling line

  • Tuna processing

  • Tuna filling with oil or brine

  • Featuring yeild control , vacuum pre-cooking/cooling by fully automatic temperature conrol

  • High peeling efficiency , excellent quality , high capacity ,energy saving low maintenance cost.

Aseptic line

  • Compact Aseptic line from 500 to 6000 Kg/hr product in 220 kg bags

  • Aseptic line Royal for 6000 Kg/hr products and higher in 220 Kg and 1000 kg bags

  • Aseptic line for diced tomato

  • Aseptic Flash Cooler for higher tomato paste lines capacities


Filling Closing Sterilization

  • Piston Fillers

  • Vacuum Filler

  • Unifiller

  • Can closer and seamer

  • Automatic batch Retort

  • Continuous Rotary Sterilizers



  • Drapper Pasteurization system for pouches

  • Can Pasteurization system


Corn processing line

  • Automatic power Huskers

  • Corn Cutter

  • Corn kernel washer

  • Air cleaner system

  • Corn processing and filling in cans

  • Frozen corn processing and packaging


Frozen Fruits and Vegetable line (IQF)

  • Frozen fruits and packing line

  • Frozen Root vegetable line

  • Frozen green peas and bean line

  • Frozen leafy vegetable line


Ready food freezing (Spiral Freezers)

  • Spiral freezers for Hamburgers , nuggets ,fish finger ,fillet etc


Cutting machines

  • Cutters for vegetables in slices, strips and dices

  • Cutter for frozen cheese and meats

  • Cutters for fruits


Implant and Harvesting Machinery

  • Harvesting machine for tomato , onion , potatos

  • Tomato Harvesting Machine capacity 25 to 35 Ton/hr with colour sorter


Potato products

  • French Fries Line

  • Potato Chips Line


Installation and startup and training

  • Suppervision and assistance during installation will be carried out by qualified technicians.

  • Technical assistance will be provided for start up of the line and train of customer's technicians.


Spare parts and after sales services

  • Delivery of set of standard spare parts with the machines.

  • You can rely on quick delivery of spare parts to minimize downtimes and maximize the performance of the processing line.


Plant layout and drawings

  • Drawings will be provided for machines installation and layout.

  • Information for machines operation and maintenance will be included in the supply.