Polymers and Plastics

Polymer additives

Sattar Kala's polymers and Plastics division offers an extensive range of polymer additives which suit specific applications considering the needs of polymer producers, compounders, processors and endusers.

Polymer resins

Sattar Kala supplies polyolefins from the major petrochemical producers in the world.

Plastic machinery

Sattar Kala represents international brands recognized for quality and reliability in constructing and designing plastic machineries and equipments for manufacturing plastic parts.

Food technology

Sattar Kala Co. Food division has been established for over a decade and we represent many of the world's leading manufacturers.

Sattar Kala Co has a team of dedicated individuals, experienced in the field of food industry, capable of guiding and advising in regards to the A to Z of food processing, specialising in procurement and after sales.

This division deals strictly in supplying and distributing food processing machinery and systems for tomato paste, citrus and other fruits concentration , canned food , frozen food , aseptic lines and pasteurization and sterilization , potato products , tomato plantation and harvesting.


Sattar Kala Co is one of the market leaders for the supply and distribution of raw materials for Detergent, Hygienic and Water Treatment industries. We distribute products of many chemical manufacturers with our extensive knowledge of our customers' needs.

The scope of our business is to act on behalf of our customers and producers to work completely for their benefit. We can handle orders for our counterparts, manage all logistical and shipment matters, provide financing facilities and distribute the intermediate chemical products through our expert local network. We provide quality services during and after sales, by ensuring constant involvement from our side. Customer satisfaction is one of the founding principles of our business.