Plastic Welding

Sattar Kala Co. is the supplier and partner of "bielomatik Leuze GmbH + Co. KG". The technologies Bielomatik uses to create reliable plastic joints involve all essential competencies, like hot plate, infrared, hot gas, friction, laser and ultrasonic welding. This range of technology options allows them to offer process-neutral and objective advice from the beginning of any project. They are committed to your success and they are not married to just one approach. Welding technology from Bielomatik is at work in the production of more than 40 automotive assemblies and sub-assemblies: fuel tanks, rear lamps, indicator lamps, instrument panels, bumpers, under-the-hood components, batteries, etc.
Regardless of end-use, if it has to do with welding thermoplastics, Bielomatik is in position to add the value of experience.

Machines and systems covering all common welding technologies:

For solutions with the highest possible degree of customization, for your requirements: